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Private Secondary Schools

Private Secondary Schools are private owned and privately managed institutions, registered with the Private Secondary Education Authority (PSEA).  The PSEA operates under the aegis of the MOEHRTESR as the regulating body and enforcement agency for the sector under the Private Secondary Education Authority Act (PSEA Act).  It thus oversees the standards of Private Secondary Schools and school operations across the sector and manages the disbursement of grants to eligible Private Secondary Schools

Education in Private grant-aided Secondary Schools is free for all students.  Government pays the salaries of their staff and disburses grants to the Managers of these schools through the PSEA.

The Mauritian system also comprises private fee-paying institutions which offer different programmes and curricula. This is in line with Government policy to diversify the educational offer in Mauritius.  The registration of these schools and accreditation of their courses are governed by the PSEA Act.

79 private grant-aided and 24 fee-paying secondary schools are registered with the PSEA to operate in 2019.

List of registered Private Secondary Schools​

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