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Admission in Secondary Schools


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Admission in Secondary Schools​​




Admission in Secondary Schools

Admission in Grade 7

With the implementation of the Nine Year Continuous Basic Education reform, ALL pupils having completed Grade 6 move to Grade 7 of a Regional Secondary School.

The MES is responsible for allocating all the seats in Grade 7 in Regional State Secondary Schools and 50% of the seats in Grade 7 in grant-aided Private Secondary Schools.  Managers of grant-aided Private Secondary Schools fill the remaining 50% of seats at their own discretion.

Admission in any given Regional Secondary School is based on the parental choice, the Grade Aggregate of the pupil at the PSAC Assessment and the residence of the pupil in the geographical zone.

Transfer of school

All applications for transfer to a State Secondary School must be made in writing to the Ministry, either at the office of the Zone Directorate or that of the Secondary Education Directorate at the central Head Quarters level.

Applications are considered in the light of vacancies available in the school(s) requested.

Documents needed: Birth Certificate of student, NIC of Responsible Party, proof of residential address and the last examination results.  Other relevant documents may be requested as justification in given cases.

The Ministry carries annual transfer exercises as follows to fill vacancies existing in State Secondary Schools:

·   Grade 7 mid-December

·    Grades 8 to 10 in  November/December

·  ​ Grade 12 in February after the issue of School Certificate results

The Ministry does not normally transfer students in Grade 11 and Grade 13 of State Secondary Schools.

For transfer to a Private Secondary School, Responsible Parties should contact directly the Manager of the school

Admission of students coming from abroad

Mauritian citizens returning from abroad should apply at the office of the National Equivalence Committee, situated at the Head Quarters of the Ministry, for the admission of their children in a school in Mauritius.

They should, in addition to their identity documents, submit relevant documentary evidence in respect of the schooling of their child abroad and examinations passed.

The above also applies to expatriates coming to work in Mauritius who should, in addition, submit copy of their residence permit issued by the Prime Minister’s Office.

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