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Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology

Natation Scolaire

Natation Scolaire

Natation Scolaire has been implemented in collaboration with the Mauritius Sports Council (MSC) in some 30 primary schools in January 2017 and in 2018, some 50 schools involving approximately 1200 pupils, participated in this swimming activity. This project is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education & Human Resources (MOE), Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) and the MSC. The MOE has provided insurance coverage and transport for the participants, while the MSC via its sponsors has distributed swimming caps and bags. The project is being run on a weekly basis over a cycle of 10 weeks where pupils acquire theoretical knowledge on water safety and awareness as well as practical skills.


After Schools Sports Fitness Programme (ASSFP),

After Schools Sports Fitness Programme (ASSFP), this bold initiative has been launched in collaboration with the MSC in 2017. It involves extra-curricular activities (Athletics, Football, Handball) offered to pupils once a week after school hours. The activities offered are conducted by qualified sports coaches who have to implement an 8-week programme vet by the MSC. This year, the ASSFP has been extended to all schools in Mauritius and in Rodrigues. The same programme has also been implemented in the Extended Programme at Secondary level. Since the inception of the programme, some 10,000 pupils/students have benefitted.


Multi Gym Sports Equipment

Multi Gym Sports Equipment – In the context of the introduction of Holistic Education in the Education System and in a bid to encourage the practice of physical activities as from a young age, the government has allocated a budget for the purchase of Multi Gym Sports Equipment for some 170 primary schools. In 2018, some 120 schools have been provided with 2 Magnetic Cycles, 3 Ministeppers, 2 Mini Table Tennis and 10 Gymnastic mat, each. Another 50 primary schools will be provided with same equipment in 2019.


Les Amis de Zippy

In joint collaboration with SeDEC, this programme caters for the social and emotional well-being of the child. …………​