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Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology

Educational Projects

Educational Programmes and projects

Primary School Readiness at beginning of Grade 1

At this stage, it is crucial to determine how successfully children make the transition from their pre-school expe­rience to the primary school set up. Their readiness for primary schooling will be gauged through the LDP. Primary School Readiness has a direct bearing on teaching and learning at Grade 1, the foundation year which is designed to level the playing field through in-time remediation and thus close potential learning gaps.


Diagnostic Assessment at beginning of Grade 3

A Diagnostic Assessment, as an eval­uation tool, will be administered at the beginning of Grade 3 to identify learning deficits of pupils after two years of primary schooling.

Findings from the Diagnostic Assessment will enable child-cen­tered focused remedial work to be undertaken and also allow progress to be recorded.​