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Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology

Publications & Reports

ball.gif Annual Report on Performance 2017-18
ball.gif Annual Report on Performance 2016-17


​School Management Manual - Guidelines To Head Teachers (8 Mb)


ball.gif Report following training in China:

"Campus Security and Children Injury"​
- "Emergency Aid" China 22th April to 5th May 2014

Education Reforms in Action 2008-2014​ (Pdf version -45Mb)
ball.gif National Form 3 Assessment 2013 - Report  

Education Reforms in action 2008-2013  (Pdf version - 1.53 MB)​

ball.gif The National Curriculum Framework (Primary) (Pdf version - 1.34 MB) / (Word version - 1.4 MB)
   Addendum to National Curriculum Framework (Primary) (Pdf version - 871 KB)

ball.gif Gramer Kreol ​Morisien (Pdf version - 1.77 MB)

ball.gif Lortograf Kreol Morisien (Pdf version - 1.50 MB)

ball.gif The National Curriculum Framework (Pre Primary) 
Part 1 (Pdf version - 31.1 MB) Part 2 (Pdf version - 49.3 MB)

ball.gif Education & Human Resources Strategy Plan (2008-2020)

ball.gif Model United Nations 2010 - Information Booklet
ball.gif The National Curriculum Framework (Secondary) (Pdf version - 2.55 MB)

ball.gif School Management Manual for Rectors of State Secondary Schools
Cover(pdf - 360 kb) Manual (pdf - 864 kb)

ball.gif Technology in schools - ICT & Science using data logging in the teaching and learning processes

ball.gif ​The Multimedia Room / English & French Version

ball.gif Towards a Quality Curriculum - Strategy for Reform (September 2006) (Pdf format - 909 KB)

ball.gif La Reforme du systeme educatif (Pdf format - 1.65 MB)

ball.gif National Policy Framework for the setting up of Tertiary Educational Institutions in Mauritius

ball.gif Special Education Needs and Inclusive Education in Mauritius ​