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Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

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June 22, 2014

Press Release 22 June - Tablets

Following a press article dated 21 June 2014 making reference to an alleged misuse of PC Tablets distributed by the Ministry to students of Secondary Schools. Dr Vasant K.Bunwaree Minister of Education and Human Resources called for a high level meeting on Saturday 21 June 2014 at 10 am at the MITD House Phoenix. Mr P Ramlagun Ag. Senior Chief Executive and other senior Officials of the Ministry and Mr Sarat Duth Lallah CEO of the Mauritius Telecom accompanied by a team of experts, amongst others, attended the meeting. The main objective was to ensure that the purpose of the Tablet PC project, which is to provide Mauritian students with an enhanced learning experience in a growing technological 21st Century environ ...

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June 18, 2014

Visit of Ugandan Delegation to Mauritius (17th – 2 ...

A delegation from Uganda is presently on an official visit to Mauritius from 17th to 21st June 2014. The delegation comprises Hon. F. Kabahenda, Hon. J. Kabajo and Hon. F. Mutyabule, Members of Parliament, Dr Yusuf K. Nsubuga, Director, Basic Education and senior officials representing the Ministry of Basic Education and the National Children Council. This visit is in line with the Ugandan willingness to explore and find out best practices in Early Childhood Development (ECD) which is currently being implemented in Mauritius which thus has been identified precisely because it is recognised both by the Ugandan Authorities as well as by UNICEF as one of those countries that have advanced quite far in the provisi ...

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May 20, 2014

Press release 20 May - Tablets

The Ministry is in the process of finalizing arrangements for the distribution of tablet PCs to students.   1.     Calendar of events   The following calendar of events for this process is as follows:   Date Item Remarks Week of 19-23 May 2014 Distribution of Tablet PCs to schools No distribution to students 26 May- 5 June 2014 Completion of registration process for the tablets & collection of Rs 650 from students except SRM listed students. No distribution to students As from 6 June 2014 Distribution of tablets to students Distribution of tablets only to ...

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April 25, 2014

Les brèves de l’éducation du vendredi 25 avril 201 ...

CONFEMEN – Concours des 10 mots de la Francophonie Coup d’essai, coup de maître : pour sa toute première participation au concours des 10 mots de la Francophonie organisé par la CONFEMEN (Conférence des Ministres de l’Éducation des Etats et Gouvernements de la Francophonie), dont le secrétariat technique permanent se trouve à Dakar au Sénégal, Maurice a remporté le premier prix dans la catégorie de production écrite, pour les élèves de 10 à 12 ans. La 9e édition de ce concours destiné aux élèves du niveau élémentaire, du moyen et du secondaire des établissements publics et privés des pays participants, s’est tenue dans le cadre de la Quinzaine de la Francophonie organisée par le Groupe des Amis de la Francophonie du Sénéga ...

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April 03, 2014

The Tablet PC Project

The Ministry is presently engaged in the distribution of 26,100 tablets to educators and students of Form V in 2014. The Tablet PC project is a digital tool to enhance learning opportunities for students in accessing learning resources anytime, anywhere and to develop their 21st century skills in searching for knowledge and in communicating. The tablets contain pedagogical content prepared by iProf in the core subjects of Mathematics, English, French and other subjects such as Pure Sciences and Social Sciences.The DigiLibrary presents a flexible and easy to use platform to access the digital resources in the form pdfs, videos, electronic presentations and images.Educators are being trained by the MIE on the usage of the tablet and resour ...

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Start Time:Apr 06, 2015


​The Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research in collaboration with the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) is organizing a Planning Meeting of the Inter Country Quality Node on Early Childhood Development (ICQN-ECD) to be held on 08-10 April 2015 at Voilà Hotel, Bagatelle.  The Opening Ceremony of the Planning Meeting will be graced by Honourable (Mrs.) Leela Devi DOOKUN-LUCHOOMUN, Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research on Wednesday 08 April 2015 at 09 00 hours at the Main Meeting Room, Voilà Hotel, Bagatelle.    Background   The ICQN-ECD was officially launched on 09 ...

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Start Time:Oct 24, 2014

World Sight Day 2014

W​orld Sight Day held on 9th ​October 2014​​ ...

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Start Time:Sep 02, 2014|Category: Public

Education Reforms

The Education System in Mauritius is today well-embarked on the process of an in-depth reform, in line with the vision enunciated in the Education & Human Resources Strategy Plan (EHRSP), 2008-2020 of the Ministry.  Driven by the central concern for equipping our students with the means and the right attitude to succeed in life, the policy reforms aim at enabling learners to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities and overcome the inevitable challenges that this new era continually posits. It is today a national concern to ensure that students are invested with the capacity to become multi-talented, think creatively, accumulate transferable knowledge and a ...

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Start Time:Dec 16, 2013

Séminaire Sankoré Océan Indien sur L’Éducation Numérique Libre et Ouverte

The Séminaire Sankoré Océan Indien sur L’Éducation Numérique Libre et Ouverte has closed on 19 December 2013 at 16.00 hrs.  There were some 45 delegates from France, Réunion, Mayotte, Madagascar and Mauritius.  This has been an intensive seminar for all stakeholders in the education sector for the Sankoré system in particular and the use of digital Open and Distance Learning (ODL) educational materials in general. The training seminar has consisted of plenary sessions where demonstrations were made of the Open Sankoré platform and other free and open platforms such as the “Images Actives” and the “Générateur de contenu Ludo Pédagogique (GLUP)” of the Académie de Versail ...

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Start Time:Oct 14, 2013

Les Assises de l'Education

Day 1 (14 October 2013)       Opening speech by the Minister of Education and Human Resources                                                            Presentations by Mr. H. B. Dansinghani, Advisor on Education Matters, Ministry of Education and Human            Resources        ​​                                Presentation 1  (Pdf format - 516 Kb)  Presentation 2  (Pdf format - 312 KB) ​   Day 2 (15 October 2013)              Presentation on 'CPE Reforms' by Dr. A. Taher, Chief Technical Officer, Ministry of Education and                  Human Resources  (Pdf format - 580 KB)               Presentatio ...

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Mission and Vision

Vision of the Ministry
To create the next generation of forward-looking and innovative leaders contributing to the transformation of the Republic of Mauritius into a high ranking, prosperous nation.
Mission of the Ministry
  • Re-engineer the education and skills development system to construct a cohesive, inclusive and productive society.  
  • Foster a holistic education that makes of learners upholders of values and resilient, globally-minded citizens.  
  • Create an enabling environment for a higher education system that both generates and equips learners with innovative, cutting edge knowledge and deep skills for increased competence in a dynamic work environment.
  • Sustain existing and motivating conditions towards the recognition of   Mauritius as a major regional and Continental Education Hub.


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