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Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

Speeches Year 2014

July 2014
​10 July ​​​Argo Project​
​3  July    La célébration de ‘Road Safety Day’ organisée par Vivo Energy Mauritius Limited de la Compagnie SHELL

June 2014

​12 June Prize Giving Ceremony of Sebastopol SSS                                                              
​12 June Annual Prize-Giving and 85th Anniversary of RCPL

May 2014

​30 May Cérémonie de signature de L’Avenant 2014 – 2015
29 May
​29 May Science Quest 2014 - Prize Giving Ceremony
​29 May
On the occasion of the Career Cubeproject for Lower VI students
​26 May

Young Journalist of the year Competition

​22 May Prize Giving ceremony by Rotary Club of Port Louis                         

April 2014
​29 Apr Presentation to the Press of the Report on the National Form 3 Assessment 2013
English Languag Day
​23  Apr             Earth Day 2014

​​17 Apr
​14 Apr
​10 Apr MITD’s 2014 Award Ceremony​​
​10 Apr Cérémonie de remise des 'Braille Display devices'
​9 Apr  

Young Journalists of the Year Competition Ceremony to remit the flight tickets to winners

​7 Apr Opening ceremony of MODEL UNITED NATIONS Conference (MUN) at zone level - ZONE 2

March 2014
​13 Mar   Intercollege Challenge Cup Debate Competition
4 Mar Lancement d’un Tool-kit sur le changement climatique et le lancement d’un Manueld’activités sur les zones côtières
​4 Mar   
Launching of the toolkit on Climate Change and the Activity Book on coastal Zone and distribution of compost bins

January 2014