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Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research

Vision,Mission and Objectives of the IMU

To create “safe and inspiring learning environments” in schools
The aspiration is to have state school environments that:
              support the needs of a modern education system;
              are inspiring places for teachers to teach in;
                provide parents with confidence as being safe environments for students; and
              give students a sense of pride and a desire to learn.
To be seen as a high quality property management team that is responsive to changes in demand.
The IMU aims at having an excellent reputation in regard to:
·         Implementation and monitoring of infrastructural projects
·         Effective and efficient management of assets; ; and
·         Building confidence and trust of stakeholders in the sector.
·         Ensure that schools are safe and in good physical condition
·         Ensure timely implementation of infrastructural projects
·         Ensure proper communication with all stakeholders