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Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research


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Press release 20 May - Tablets

Date: May 20, 2014


The Ministry is in the process of finalizing arrangements for the distribution of tablet PCs to students.


1.     Calendar of events


The following calendar of events for this process is as follows:





Week of 19-23 May 2014

Distribution of Tablet PCs to schools

No distribution to students

26 May- 5 June 2014

Completion of registration process for the tablets & collection of Rs 650 from students except SRM listed students.

No distribution to students

As from 6 June 2014

Distribution of tablets to students

Distribution of tablets only to students whose tablets are duly registered in the online system and who have contributed Rs 650 or are on SRM-CA list.


A meeting was held with all Rectors of State and PSSA colleges on Wednesday 14 May 2014 to explain these modalities.


2.     Prerequisites for tablet PC distribution to students


The following steps must be carried out at school before tablet PCs are distributed to students:


1. Collection of Rs 650 from each FV student for the provision of a cover for the security of the tablet, except if the student is listed on the SRM-CA.;

2. Completing the online tablet PC registration process. The Ministry is setting up technical teams to provide support to schools for this process from 26 May - 5 June 2014. Any school requiring such support will have to contact their respective zones and the PSSA;

3. Ensuring that the antivirus and parental controls in the tablet have been properly configured;

4. Collecting all the completed pledges from educators and students.


3.     Website


 A website will be set up as from Monday 19 May 2014 to provide, inter-alia, a central repository for the following resources:


  • Pledges to be signed by Educators and Students
  • Tablet Usage Policy
  • Guidelines for Tablet Registration
  • Guidelines for Antivirus and Parental Control registration
  • Battery charging guidelines
  • List of MT collection centres for faulty Tablet PCs


4.     Parental control


A parental control platform is present in the device to ensure safe browsing, and schools are to activate the parental control platform prior to the tablet being given to students. The process of activating the parental control is described in the website, and under no circumstances should the password for parental control, which is to be kept at school and provided to parents only on direct request, be made available to the student.

5.     Technical hotline


The tablet is covered under a two year warranty, and Mauritius Telecom (MT) will provide technical assistance through its 8908 hotline. Collection points have also been set up by MT to provide further assistance for maintenance and repairs.


6.     What to do in cases of stolen or damaged Tablet PCs ?


A mechanism is being prepared at the Ministry to look into cases of theft, damaged or loss of tablet under specific conditions. Replacement of tablets under these cases will be carried out only after a close and stringent scrutiny of the reasons for the theft or damage.

An application proforma with guidelines is being devised for entries to be made under such cases, and will be posted on the website. In the meantime, Rectors who are facing such cases are to:

  • Request an evidence of Police statement/declaration in cases of theft of the device;
  • Keep a copy of the request at school for onwards transmission to Ministry through Zone or PSSA for analysis once the mechanism is finalized.


Ministry of Education and Human Resources

20 May 2014

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