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Press Release - CPE Results 2013

Date: December 11, 2013


CPE Pass Rate (First Sitting)

1.         The results for the CPE examinations 2013 which have been proclaimed on Wednesday
11 December 2013 by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate show that, out of the 18223 school candidates examined for the first time in the Republic of Mauritius (Mauritius & Rodrigues), 14119 passed representing a percentage of 77.48%, which represents an increase of 1.04% compared with the pass rate of 76.44% for the year 2012.


CPE Pass Rate (Second Sitting):

2.         4196 candidates repeated the CPE Examinations and 1634 passed at their second attempt, representing a pass rate of 38.94%(Boys: 33.76%, Girls 46.51%).  

Analysis of Performance by First Sitting

3.         The pass rate for the years 2006 to 2013 in respect of those sitting for the first time and second sitting is as hereunder for the Republic of Mauritius:











Republic of Mauritius









First Sitting









Second Sitting










Performance in Rodrigues

4.         The number of school candidates examined in Rodrigues stands at 1051. The pass rates for the first and second sittings in Rodrigues are respectively 75.84% and 35.25%.

CPE Performance by Subject and Best Aggregate

5.         The performance subject-wise (excluding Asian Languages and Arabic) is in the range of 79.96% to 73.45%, with the highest percentage pass in Maths.  Percentage pass rate has improved in nearly all core subjects (except French).

6.         It must also be noted that 2122 pupils (886 boys and 1236 girls) have obtained at least 4 A + as compared to 2079 last year.

No School Cases

7.         There are 2145 cases where pupils have not been allocated a seat in Form I in a Secondary School.  This is mainly due to the fact that Responsible parties have not indicated a sufficient number of schools in their choice, thus resulting in “No school cases”.  However, there are seats available in private secondary schools.  Parents have been provided with a list of such schools and may apply for a seat thereat.  They may eventually also apply at State Secondary Schools during the transfer exercise to be carried out after the registration of Form I students (scheduled for 18 December 2013).  A communiqué will be issued by my Ministry to inform parents of arrangements for admission and transfer.  The Ministry will ensure that each student falling under the no school group is allocated a seat in Form I by resumption of studies in January 2014.

Resit Examinations

8.         For the first time, a resit examination is being held for CPE on 20 December 2013.  MES will inform some 1,779 CPE candidates who have to resit for one subject only. English is the subject for which we have the largest number of candidates for resit (992 candidates); Mathematics (376 candidates); French (378 candidates); Science (17 candidates); History/Geography (15 candidates) and Hindi (1 candidate).

A remedial programme, Resit Remedial Classes (RRC), for the resit examinations will be held from 12 to 19 December 2013, in 36 regional centres in Mauritius, 4 centres in Rodrigues and 1 centre in Agalega. (The list of centres can be consulted on the website of the ministry: Results will be proclaimed on 30 December 2013.

The resit examination will be held on Friday 20 December 2013 at 10.00 am.

Candidates eligible for a resit are being informed by letter by MES at the time they receive their results.

Private candidates who sat for CPE in October 2013 and who are eligible for a resit are being informed by MES and will be able to take the resit examination in a centre which will be mentioned in the MES letter.


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