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Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research


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Education Reforms

Start Time: September 02, 2014 16:00 | End Time: December 31, 2014 16:00
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The Education System in Mauritius is today well-embarked on the process of an in-depth reform, in line with the vision enunciated in the Education & Human Resources Strategy Plan (EHRSP), 2008-2020 of the Ministry.  Driven by the central concern for equipping our students with the means and the right attitude to succeed in life, the policy reforms aim at enabling learners to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities and overcome the inevitable challenges that this new era continually posits.

It is today a national concern to ensure that students are invested with the capacity to become multi-talented, think creatively, accumulate transferable knowledge and ascertain positive outcomes in education, work and other areas of life. It is these traits that the world of education seeks to nurture in learners so that their potential is developed to the fullest.

A number of reform measures and initiatives have accordingly been undertaken by the Ministry over the past few years. Numerous policy orientations have also resulted from regular consultations and collective dialogue with all partners in education.

A milestone document entitled “Education Reforms in Action 2008-2014: Learning for Life” has been launched on 02 September 2014. It highlights the wide range of achievements in the Education Sector and situates the reform programmes, projects and initiatives in their right perspective.

Education Reforms in Action 2008-2014​​ (pdf version).

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